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Are You Using What You Know About Your Customers to Increase Revenue?

May 9, 2011
  • Improve marketing ROI to drive increased and incremental revenue at less cost
  • Improve and increase customer acquisition, retention, and cross sell opportunities
  • Increase overall marketing effectiveness and efficiency with measureable results

As a business professional, you understand the importance of targeting your organization’s message to effectively acquire new customers, and keep the ones you have.  Add to the mix social commerce, mobile, web, and e-mail to conventional marketing channels, and managing and understanding your customers behavior and demographics becomes very difficult; measuring nearly impossible.

Today, marketers want and more importantly need a centralized, comprehensive, and effective method to examine cross channel campaigns.  All offers and all customers are not created equal.  Even the best offer can miss the mark and fail to trigger a response from a traditional buyer.  Ultimately, a deep understanding of who the best customers are and why they buy adds granular insight into where they come from and more importantly, what motivates them.

This is the tremendous value to an organization that customer intelligence ignites.  Customer Intelligence further helps to deliver a better customer experience, improve customer service, enhance product development, and shape business operations and overall business strategy.

At the end of the day, organizations are working harder and harder to achieve more with less.  Thus, those organizations who rely on customer intelligence are the ones poised for further growth, systemically and systematically, regardless of the economy.

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