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Who Uses Analytics?

January 13, 2011

Who Uses Analytics?

The short answer is that you do.  While we often don’t recognize it, analytics are a critical part of our everyday life.  We use analytics to perform simple tasks such as a price comparison between two similar items, to more complex tasks such as deciding between investment alternatives.

The application of analytics in a systematic and repeatable process is what differentiates organizations.  Think of it like tennis.  The fundamentals of tennis are the same whether you are batting a ball with the kids, playing in an amateur league or at Wimbledon.  The difference is the repeatability of the fundamentals and the speed of application.  The greater the speed and repeatability, the more money!

So the question is, how effective is your organization in using analytics? Do you have the established repeatable process to return the 100 mph serve or are more equipped to deal with a soft lob?

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