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What do Zombies and Email have in common?

October 7, 2009

In the spirit of the season I thought I would focus on the correlation between zombies and email. Maybe you heard the statement “Twitter is the new email”, or perhaps you read how “social media was going to be the death of email.” Well both of these statements seem to be wrong. Companies are now realizing that social media like Twitter, Facebook and Flickr are all enablers for email.  Nielsen has done a recent study showing that “social media makes people consume email more not less” says Jon Gibs, VP of media analytics at Nielsen.  Of course the more social media the person consumed directly impacted their email consumption.  Higher social media usage means more time on the web and results in more email usage.

I think we need to start thinking about social media and marketing strategy as just one thing, a social strategy. Consumers are no longer target audiences, they participate in communities. This recent survey shows that email and social media indeed work together to establish better brand recognition and higher “click-throughs”.

So it seems that email marketing, like zombies, has risen from the grave. That is if email was ever really dead to begin with. Either way, it will be interesting to see the results of future studies that Nielsen is planning. The deeper dive into the connections between the two will likely provide interesting facts to help structure future marketing campaigns.

Do you think about the impact of social media when creating a new marketing campaign? Do you measure the effectiveness by setting goals that include metrics across all silos? I’d like to hear what you are doing to utilize the social web.

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